Law Making (Bills & Acts) Of The Northern Cape Provincial Legislature

Law Making (Bills & Acts)

Legal Services


The Northern Cape Provincial Legislature is comprised of the Members, Speakers office and the Administrative section. The legal service unit plays a supporting role.




Law making:

The Legislature receives ordinary Bills affecting Provinces from National Parliament in terms of section 76 of the Constitution, 1996.

 The legal unit’s role on the section 76 Bills is to:

  • Attend briefings by the NCOP on the relevant Bill(s)
  •  Legal technical comment, summary of legislation and clarification for public hearings.

The unit may be requested to draft, edit and give legal technical comment on Provincial legislation.



  • Advise members on oversight matters during committee meetings.
In-house legal advice and service
  • Assist departments in the legislature administration by drafting legal opinions on constitutional and administrative law as well as general legal matters (contracts, service issues.)
  • Member of the procurement committee ( assessment of tenders)
  • Gazette management for the legislature administration (official newspaper, legislation needs to be published for validity).
  • Theft and losses( motor vehicle accidents)
  • Claims against the institution ( defend or settle )
  • Research on relevant legal topics within the administration
  • Attend committee meetings.


Northern Cape Petition Act, 2009

Download our Petition Act document below, by clicking on your desired language.
NCPL Petitions Act - Afrikaans
NCPL Petitions Act - English
NCPL Petitions Act - Setswana
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