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The legislature building is a true architectural reflection of the Northern Cape Province. It reminds one of the dusty footpaths in Namaqualand, it is welcoming, and it captures the spirit and aspirations of the people of the province by its unique, evocative family of forms and the interrelation of volumes and spaces.
The building captures the spirit and aspirations of the people of the Northern Cape by its unique, evocative family of forms and the interrelation of volumes and spaces.

Click Here For The  Virtual Tour Of NCPL BuildingThe building is a place where everyone meets and partakes in the making of government and the axle of the wheel, which drives the people of the province. The design of the Fence is an arcaded courtyard element is incongruous; the same applies to the palisade fence. Sculptural element and rich earthy colours decorated in beadwork and scarification form a complex interpretation of traditional responses. The building is surrounded with a fence that depicts the people of the province from different backgrounds e.g. mining industry, traditional leaders, educators etc.

Patlelo is an open space. Our building must have a big open space in the middle which will be the symbol of that openness, where the ceremony of government take place, where announcement are made, which acts as the public foyer of the legislative assembly and where people can petition the Legislature.

The Tower At The NCPL BuildingThe tower dominates the people square in front of the Legislature, which is primarily a landmark that serves functional needs. It serves as a pulpit for formal speakers as well as aspirant impromptu ones. The Presidential billboards are also displayed by a mosaic artist impression of former President Nelson Mandela and President Thabo and space is also earmarked for the next in line. The tower is also significant in that it is a tourist attraction landmark.

The building that houses the Office of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker is interpreted as one that display an energetic the dimensional imagery, reflecting the prestige of its function. In front of the building a various ministries and departments, a symbol, for example the Ministry of Health, is displayed by a steel replica of the Red Ribbon. This symbolic display the Provincial Legislature as a watchdog and oversight responsibility over the various departments.

The Administration building is an open plan structure. The office of the Speaker is regarded as the most important in terms of her/his political role. Therefore, this office enjoys prime position, directly accessible from the underground car park and the Legislature chamber, by means of a dedicated vertical and horizontal spine. The office of the Secretary to the Legislature is next to the Speaker and Deputy Speaker’s offices. The office space at the first floor accommodates the parliamentary section and the Finance and Management section. The office space at ground floor accommodates stores, provisioning and registry.

The Chamber houses the core business of the Legislature. Member’s of the Legislature passes all provincial laws here and makes submission to National Council of Provinces. (NCOP). The Premier of the Province makes his/her Official State of the province address. The MEC of Finance makes his or her annual provincial budget speech. Members of the Legislature debate budget votes and motions passed by them. The ruling party sits on the right hand of the Speaker of the Legislature. The Official opposition party and minority parties sit on the left-hand seat of the Speaker. The Speaker presides from the front. The Secretariat of Legislature sits at the front of the speaker and assists with advice and administrative work

Wattle weaves forms part of the acoustic lining in the chamber of the Legislature. Reflective clouds and lights fittings in the Legislative chamber resemble a Calder like mobile. The mosaic Arts work recognizes the building capacity to embody the aspirations of the people of the province. The Control and Hansard room assists with the recordings and translations. Physically challenged people are offered ease of movement to the first floor galleries and areas by means of a ramp as well as a lift in this building.

The Legislature Foyer formed by the left building both lung, is envisaged as a space of flexibility both in plan and its volume. Banquets, exhibitions (be it sculptures, mobiles or other media) would find the space required here. Public toilets, Media room, Restaurant, VIP restaurant and the Ruth First Lecture room are situated here.

The Hero's Wall At The NCPL BuildingThe Members Building is purposely been isolated from the remainder of the office building both for practical and symbolical purposes. The building is not your conventional 8-to-5-office building. Symbolically, it represents the democratic right of people agreeing to disagree through their affiliation with the different political parties. The offices hinge around the fixes of the party leader and party secretary, with the divisible offices allocated according to the size of the relevant party. It houses the Boardroom, Committee rooms and Political parties caucus room

The Hero’s wall is situated next to the Member’s building so that the political, social and economical conviction of these heroes must put practically by the present Members of the Legislature. The wall commemorates the liberation struggle heroes. Mosaic murals portray their faces. The concrete heads representing the common man occur randomly in the landscape.

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