SCOPA congratulates Legislature on Clean Audit

The Standing Committee on Public Accounts in the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature has relayed its compliments to the Legislature for attaining a clean audit in the 2022/2023 financial year. This comes after much commitment to upholding good governance by the Legislature Speaker, Honourable Newrene Klaaste.

According to the SCOPA chairperson, Honourable Fawzia Rhoda, the Legislature has set a great example as an oversight body over all government departments, entities and municipalities. Furthermore, the Legislature must improve on measures to tighten controls in order to curb any irregular expenditure and implement steps to maintain a clean audit.

The Speaker, Honourable Newrene Klaaste, welcomed the positive feedback from the committee and has committed to maintain this clean audit. She further acknowledged that the clean audit demonstrates commitment to good governance by the outgoing 6th Legislature.

The Legislature made a bold decision last year (2022) to nominate a member of the official opposition, the current SCOPA chairperson, Hon Fawzia Rhoda to lead this committee.

This was under the vision of a truly accountable and transparent institution that demonstrates stringent oversight over the 6th Administration, which has registered an improved audit outcome of five clean audit outcomes for the year under review.

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Oversight In Frances Baard District

Northern Cape Provincial Legislature, Monday, 04 september 2023: The Northern Cape Provincial Legislature (NCPL) under the leadership of the Chairperson of Committees, MPL Gift van Staden, will this week embark on a 3-day oversight visit in the Frances Baard District, Northern Cape province from the 06 – 08 September 2023.

Oversight is a function granted by the Constitution (Section 114) to the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature (NCPL) to monitor and oversee government actions and performance and when the legislature exercises its oversight responsibilities, the Committees ensure that laws are implemented, budgets are applied for its intended purpose and there is strict observance of statutes and the Constitution.

This week the legislatures oversight committee, led by the Chairperson of Chairperson, MPL van Staden and Members of the Provincial Legislature, plans to engage local municipalities in the Francess Baard and it will include both visits to municipalities and site visits to projects.


Oversight on Sol Plaatje Municipality

On Wednesday, 6 September 2023, an oversight engagement will take place with the Sol Plaatje Municipality. Sol Plaatje municipality is required to make a presentation to the Committee on its infrastructure interventions and revitalization projects.  

Due to the recent increase in the electricity tariffs, which has caused a public outcry, the Committee is obliged through its constitutional obligation, and through the mechanism of oversight, hold the Sol Plaatje municipality accountable to its residents and, in pursuit of improved service delivery to ensure improved municipal services. This will be followed by a physical oversight visit to the Newton and Riverton reservoirs, as part of the oversight engagement to better understand the water challenges and infrastructure the municipality is faced with.  


Oversight on phokwane municpality

On Thursday, 7 September 2023, the Oversight Committee will engage the Phokwane Municipality on financial and governance matters. Various stakeholders including the Auditor-General, SALGA, Department of COGHSTA and Provincial Treasury are invited to participate during the engagement.  Phokwane Municipality and the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture is required to make presentations to the Committee on the Ganspan Sport Complex in Jan Kempdorp.  This will be followed by a physical oversight visit to the Sport Complex.


Oversight on magareng municipality

On Friday, 8 September 2023, the Oversight Committee will conduct a physical visit to the Warrenton Water Treatment Plant in the Magareng Municipality. The provision of water in this municipality has been highlighted as a concern in both newspaper coverage and engagements by members with members of the public. A presentation by the municipality and a physical visit is high priority for the Committee in its effort to ensure proper service delivery to the needs of the community.

Once the oversight has been concluded, the Committee will deliberate on the oversight report and the report will be tabled in the House inclusive of observations and recommendations.

The report will be made available on the Northern Cape Provincial Legislatures official website www.ncpleg.go,za to provide feedback to members of the public and will be shared with all the relevant organs of state to implement and to report back to the Legislature on which ensures that a strong system of accountability is mandated and maintained.  


Details of the oversight are as follows:









Sol Plaatje Municipality (Kimberley, Municipal chambers)

  • Briefing on infrastructure interventions
  • Revitalization projects
  • Electricity tariffs
  • Oversight visits to Newton and Riverton reservoirs





Travel to Hartswater (120 km)




Pokwane Municipality (Hartswater, Municipal Chambers)

  • Financial and governance presentation



Ganspan Sports Grounds (Jan Kempdorp)





Travel to Warrenton (80 km)




Warrenton Water-treatment Plant

Members of the media are invited to cover the oversight visit.
For media inquiries or interviews with the Chairperson, please contact:
Ms Carmen Gopane, Head of Communications, Northern Cape Provincial Legislature  
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mobile No: 078 803 6046

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