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The principal objectives of the Library are:

  • To provide comprehensive and relevant, timely and impartial information and reference services to Members and employees of the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature, the Executive Committee and Provincial Departments; and
  • To develop and maintain relevant, responsive and accessible collections in a variety of formats.

Who are the clients of this Library:

  • Members of the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature (primary clients);
  • Employees of the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature;
  • Employees attached to Office of the Premier and Director General; and
  • Employees attached to offices of MECs and provincial government departments;

The library’s resources and facilities are also available for use by the public provided there is no conflict with service to core users. (Members of the public may visit the library and use the collection may only be used in-house).

What's Available at the Library / Library Collection:


  • consisting of non-fiction material relating to public issues relating to legal services, social sciences and humanities, with emphasis on administration, finance, research, economics, political science, etc. This includes reference collection designed for quick access to specific information. Examples of this type of material are dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and subject dictionaries, atlases, etc.


  • Statutes / Regional Statutes inclusive of provincial legislation / regulations and ordinances;
  • Hansards;
  • Annual reports and Budget Speeches.


  • Video' pertaining to the Struggle Era.


  • Sabinet Netlaw (updated Acts, Rules and Regulations);
  • Provincial Netlaw (updated provincial acts & regulations);
  • Bill Tracker and Parliamentary documents (info on Bills, draft bills, policy documents before Parliament);
  • Municipal By-laws (access to by-laws applicable to individual municipalities in all 9 provinces);
  • SA e-Publications (full text academic articles);
  • SA Media (comprehensive press-cutting service offering access to more 3 million newspaper articles).


  • providing digital access to more than seven thousand (7 000) of newspapers and magazines from around the world, included are the local newspapers as soon as they become available on shelves.

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