Financial Support Services To The Operations Of The NCPL


Financial Accounting

  • Financial Reporting
  • Expense Management
  • Revenue, bank and Cash Management
  • Debtors & general bookkeeping

Management Accounting

  • Budget Preparation
  • Budget Management - Institutional Level
  • Support to Management & MPL's in terms of their roles in budget
  • Advise in expenditure planning

Finance Functional environment

  • Highly regulated and legislated environment - Objective is to comply and prevent any unauthorised, fruitless and wasteful expenditure
  • High demand unit - Payment section, feeds from demand in SCM
  • High requirement for accuracy - Considered the last line of defence against non-compliance or errors which can result in financial loss
  • High levels of internal controls and highly bureaucratic - audit requirements
  • Process dependent environment

Finance does authorise expenditure, it actions payment of expense approved in accordance with the delegation by the Accounting Officer, provided such expenditure was approved in accordance with FMPPLA. 

MPL's & Finance

  • Budget processes - MPL's interact with the budget through committees and make input via strategic plans of various committee (Process is facilitated by Committees Section)
  • MPL individual budgets
  • Payment of reimbursement claims
  • Oversight over quarterly financial reports
  • Oversight over annual financial statements (Annual report)

Various Budget allocations used by MPL's and Parties

  • Committee Budgets
  • Party Budget
  • Members Facilities

Committee Budgets

  • The budget of the Legislature makes provision for Committee budget.
  • The expenditure that goes through this budget is Committee related, thus a Committee resolution is required to mandate any Member to make a claim against the committee budget.
  • The Executive Manager: Committees needs to approve all spending of the Committee.
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