Supply Chain Management At The NCPL

Supply Chain Management

Demand Management

  • Demand analysis & planning
  • Market understanding
  • Supplier database maintenance

Acquisition Management

  • Procurement
  • Tender Administration
  • Compliance with PPPFA, SCM regulations etc.

Logistics, Asset & Disposal Management

  • Receipt and delivery of goods and services
  • Asset registers and verifications
  • Fleet service management (Transport)
  • Disposal of redundant assets

SCM Functional environment

  • Highly regulated and legislated environment – Objective is to comply and prevent any irregular expenditure
  • High demand unit – Most activity of the NCPL involves SCM
  • Timing of need for Goods and Services in execution of mandate creates tension between various objectives

    - E.g. Public Participation requires an event at a remote or rural area, where there is no compliant service providers on the database in that area
    - Tension exists between the objective of the success the event and the objective of compliance
    - Causes of tension:
    • Long turnaround time for decision making
    • Section 76 bills with short mandates deadlines
    • Last minute submissions to SCM


  • Travel and Accommodation bookings
  • Procurement requests
  • Use of official assets, eg cellphones, computer equipment, furniture etc
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